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Removing wallpaper is one of the smartest jobs you could hire out. It is necessary for a room transformation but is extremely tedious work. We steam and scrape the paper and glue and finish or service by scrubbing the walls with soapy water to prep them for paint.
Starting at $350
We can patch a hole, remove popcorn or wall texture, or put up all new walls.
Starting at $60
A new paint job instantly transforms your interiors. Whether you're looking to refresh a single room or revamp your entire home, trust us to bring your vision to life with premium-quality paints and a flawless finish.
Starting at $99
We can help transform a room with a new backsplash. Starting at $99
We don't want to just give someone a job. We want them to be able to learn, and grow as a person and financially and have no ceiling to their potential.
Starting at $50

We Can Help YourWalls

We Can Help Your Floors

We can help with your floor projects
every step of the way.
We can get rid of your old carpet to make way for your dream floor. We will cut out the carpet and padding as well as remove or level all staples. Once it's all removed from the floor we can bag it for trash removal or haul it away.
Starting at $250
Peel & Stick Tiles
Peel and Stick tiles are a great way to get an upgrade without a huge materials cost and can often be laid on top of an existing floor.
Starting at $125 per room
Tile is a great way to make a statement. We can install the necessary subflooring, tile, and grout.
Starting at $500
Luxury Plank Flooring is an amazing new technology. It is more durable than tile, lasts longer than stick-on, and in most cases is waterproof. Get a consultation with Colin set up to learn more.
Startimg at $500

We Can Help with Odd Jobs

If you haven't seen something listed that you need help with, just ask. We are always adding new services.
General Handyman and Home Improvement Tasks Starting at $50

Want To DIY But Don't Know How?

We add to the Colin Can Help on a daily basis.
Check it out to learn more about plants, gardening, DIY projects, Sustainability, and Home Improvement.

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