2023 Landscaping Trends:

Turn Lawns Into Gardens

Instead of mowing your lawn or having it paid to be mowed, turn it into a grass-free landscape. Woodchips, stones, mulches, and pathways can create a unique look with minimal maintenance.
Less Flowers, More Herbs and Veggies

While it is important to keep some annual and perennial flowers, using your water and time towards plants that produce food for you is the way to go.

When the price of eggs becomes national outrage, it's time to have a few egg layers in your backyard.
Address Signs

Ever wonder why delivery takes so long? If your address is clearly visible from all directions of the road you can ensure a quicker and safer arrival of delivery or emergency services.
Rain Barrels

With a few modifications to your downspouts and adding rain barrels you can capture more of the natural rain water and use it to give back to your gardens.

We cut our lawns well before they have the chance to reseed themselves. In order to have a healthy lawn, it is important to introduce new seeds each year.

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