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We can help make sure your flower beds are healthy and always look their best.

What isMulch?

Mulch refers to any material, organic or inorganic, that is spread over the soil surface in a garden or landscape. It serves as a protective layer that covers the soil and provides numerous benefits to plants. Those benefits include temperature control, moisture conservation, nutrients to feed plants, and more.
We offer Brown and Black Mulch options. The black is the same product as the brown but is sprayed with a vegetable based dye.
All of our mulch comes from local landscape yards that either make the product their or from local tree companies who make the mulch.
Our mulch is sold by the cubic yard. We will estimate the cubic yardage needed for a 2-3 inch covering. The price includes materials, delivery, and installation.
The mulch we use is WAY better quality than the bagged stuff at the box stores. It is triple-shredded, filled with nutrients, and spreads beautifully.


Price includes mulch, delivery, and installation.


$135 per yard


$165 per yard

Wood Chips

$150 per yard

We RecommendBefore Mulching

Weed Free
The more time spent removing weeds and roots before mulching, the more time you will spend enjoying weed free flower beds. We recommend having us remove all unwanted plants before mulching.
Starting at $60
Bed Edging
Cutting a trenched edge to separate your flower beds from your lawn keeps grass from coming in and adds instant curb appeal. Starting at $1 per foot
Cardboard Barrier
Don't waste your time on weed fabric. Cardboard made from recycled paper is biodigradable and does a great job stomping out weeds.
Starting at $15

Mulch Services Are Available In:

If your city is not listed, we can still help but there will be additional delivery fees.


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