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If you wish you never had to think about doing or scheduling your outdoor maintenance chores and want things to always look their best, this is the plan for you.
To ensure people in our Autopilot program receive the level of care they expect and deserve, we only allow 30 participants per year. Once we have hit our limit, we form a waiting list and notify in a first come fashion when there is an opening.
Our Autopilot customers come first. We make sure all scheduled Autopilot work is completed before any other maintenance each week. We want to make sure all of your outdoor chores are taken care of ASAP and your property is always looking its best.
Autopilot members also save 10% on all of our other services such as painting, junk removal, new landscaping, etc.
Instead of seasonally high bills that typically come with landscaping companies, all of your autopilot services are billed the same amount all year round. Once you set up your service, you're all done with your outdoor chores for the entire year.

What's Included?

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Embark on a weekly journey from April to December where our experts meticulously transform your lawn into a lush, neatly trimmed canvas. Each visit includes precision mowing of all grassy expanses, detailed edging along walkways and driveways to carve out crisp, clean lines, and a thorough cleanup to leave your property spotless. Our commitment to your lawn's health means we judiciously decide when to skip a mow to prevent damage from wet, frozen, or scorching conditions, ensuring the enduring vibrancy of your green space.
Our Overseeding service, offered each spring, is tailored to match your lawn's unique sun and shade conditions. By selecting the ideal seed mix, we ensure even growth across your entire yard, enhancing its density and color. This service pairs seamlessly with our thatching to revitalize your lawn, promoting a lush, vibrant outdoor space without focusing solely on bare patches.
Aeration is an autumn ritual designed to invigorate your lawn by allowing air, water, and nutrients to penetrate deep into the soil. Our methodical approach creates small cores throughout the lawn, which are left on the surface to naturally decompose, enriching the soil. Opting for overseeding post-aeration can further enhance your lawn's density and vitality, preparing it to emerge stronger in the spring.
In the heart of spring, we undertake a thorough renewal of your lawn. Beginning with strategic mowing to lower the grass height, we then deploy a mechanical thatcher to delicately unearth and remove the tangled layer of thatch. This process not only breathes new life into your lawn but also prepares it for the overseeding that follows, laying the groundwork for a denser, more resilient turf. The entire area is meticulously cleared of debris, setting the stage for the fresh seeds to flourish.
Each week, alongside your lawn mowing, we dedicate an hour to the art of garden maintenance. Our hands become the tools of precision as we gently remove weeds, ensuring the health and beauty of your flower beds. The edges are finely trimmed to delineate a clear boundary between the lush beds and the verdant lawn, all while steadfastly avoiding harsh chemicals to preserve the natural balance of your garden.
Once a year, we redefine the elegance of your landscape beds with a generous application of premium brown triple shredded mulch. Laid to a perfect depth of up to 3 inches, the mulch conserves moisture, regulates soil temperature, and adds a polished finish to your garden beds. This service revitalizes existing beds while maintaining their original contours and designs.
If you have the vision, we can do the dirty work. We can handle all the planting, maintenance, and removal of plants for you.
We created the Colin Can Help Library to help people learn more about plants, gardening, DIY, and how to have a sustainable home. We add new content weekly and are open to suggestions on what to write about next!
As autumn's tapestry unfolds, we skillfully manage leaf accumulation, integrating mulching techniques during regular mowings to enrich the soil. This natural recycling process feeds your lawn and trees, fostering a healthier ecosystem. When the foliage's final curtain falls, we conduct comprehensive cleanups to gather and remove the remaining leaf debris, ensuring your property remains pristine and prepared for winter.
In the quiet transition from fall to winter, we meticulously clear your gutters and downspouts, ensuring unobstructed flow and protection against water damage. This essential service safeguards your home, preparing it to face the winter months with resilience.
With the first blanket of snow, our vigilant team ensures your driveways and walkways are clear and accessible. We tailor our snow removal schedule to your life's rhythm, prioritizing your convenience and safety. Our mindful approach ensures that you're never hindered by winter's embrace, maintaining a clear path for your daily comings and goings.

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