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Mulching is a vital practice in gardening, providing numerous benefits such as weed suppression, moisture retention, and soil enrichment. To master the art of mulching effectively, follow these Ten Mulch Commandments:

1. Thou Shall Replenish Regularly

Organic mulches like wood chips or bark should be replenished every 1-2 years. This maintains the desired depth for maximum benefits and prevents depletion as they decompose. Keep extra mulch on hand for quick touch-ups after weeding or trimming.

2. Honor the Weed Barrier

Choose wisely between weed barrier fabric and cardboard. While fabric offers long-term weed suppression, cardboard is eco-friendlier, enriches soil, and promotes root growth. Reuse cardboard boxes or opt for biodegradable alternatives.

3. Respect Young Plants and Seedlings

When mulching around young plants, ensure the mulch doesn’t touch their stems to prevent moisture-related issues. For seedlings, apply a lighter layer to facilitate emergence.

4. Embrace Diversity in Mulch Blending

Mix different mulch types for a custom blend to harness varied benefits such as moisture retention and aeration.

5. Calculate with Precision

Divide irregularly shaped areas into smaller sections for accurate measurement. Use online tools or formulas to calculate the required mulch amount.

6. Show Mercy to Succulents

While most plants benefit from mulching, succulents and cacti may thrive without it. Yet, a light layer can aid in moisture conservation.

7. Avoid Mulch Sins

Refrain from piling mulch against plant bases or using excessively thick layers, which can suffocate plants and impede airflow.

8. Maintain Balance in Moisture

Monitor soil moisture regularly by feeling a few inches down. Adjust watering accordingly to avoid overwatering or dehydration, while leveraging mulch’s moisture-regulating properties.

9. Renewal Over Removal

While not mandatory, fluffing old mulch before adding a new layer prevents compaction and fosters better airflow, reducing the risk of fungal growth.

10. Environmental Harmony

Opt for organic mulches for eco-friendliness and soil enrichment. For pest prevention, inspect regularly and consider using wire mesh beneath mulch layers.

By following these Mulch Commandments, you’ll cultivate thriving gardens while nurturing the environment and conserving resources. Let these principles guide your mulching journey towards bountiful harvests and vibrant landscapes.


Let us know if you have any questions about DIY Mulch or if you would like to have us take care of all your mulch projects.

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