LandscapingThistle Takeover

We got called to a place that had been in need of some work for a long time. The mother of the family was a gardener and as she aged and eventually passed, nature took back control of her gardens and yard.
 The family didn’t know where to start and honestly, I almost didn’t either.
We spent almost a full day only pulling Thistle. It is important when you have overgrowth like this to pull as many roots as you can to limit the ability for the vegetation to regrow.
Once we got most of the weeds out, we could kind of see what was there originally, recut some beds, and filled the open areas with wood chips to help limit the amount of maintenance they would have to do.
The family and even the neighbors came out to tell us how happy they were with thee new look.
We hope this helps the family remember moms garden for what it was and gives them the ability to take care of things from here on out.

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