Recent Projects

Digital Content

Canva – Curved Text How To Video This is a video from an instructional series on Canva that I made. It is a simple screen recording, narrated by me with the...

Marketing Materials

Digital Referral Campaign

I had the opportunity of creating this card to help Wesmar Products promote their new digital marketing efforts. The front of the card is...

Photography / Videography

Podcast Production

College May Not Be For You… And That Is OK!

For decades parents and have been insisting that their kids go to college. As a society, we have built up an idea that "...


105 Publishing Website

It has been a blast creating the 105 Publishing Website. It has been an ongoing project for the last year or so but is...

Affiliate Collaborations


Canva is an essential digital tool for anyone creating content of any type. The access to the Pro features really are a game changer.


Grammarly helps me not look like a dummy every day. They catch spelling, grammar, and even tell you how your tone is going to be received. Free version works great for me!


Popl has products that essentially are digital business cards. They with a tap of a phone can deliver all of your info to a prospect.

Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro is something I use on TONS of sites for clients. They give you a ton creative options for an affordable price.


Renderforest is great to create videos, make logos, and more. Lots of things in my portfolio page were made with Renderforest.

Om Mushrooms

Everyone can benefit from Om Mushrooms. They have a ton of natural products for your mind and body. Save 20% with my link.

Hello Tushy

Hello Tushy makes bidets and markets them amazingly. I have one in my bathroom and you have to go check out their site, its hilarious.