Project Specs

  • Project</h3 >

    Take an over grown front yard and give it curb appeal before it was listed for sale

  • Customer Requests</h3 >

    Remove all weeds, cut a bed edge, give it curb appeal. Make it welcoming to potential buyers.

  • Location</h3 >


Flower Bed Renovation

This project turned out great. There was a ton of overgrowth to take out but as soon as the mulch started going into place, the hard work was all worth it.

While removing the overgrowth I met some of the largest spiders I have ever seen. I am sure the spiders were not happy about the drastic change that occurred that day, but the customer was really happy with how it turned out, and so was I.


A client wanted a quick and cheap upgrade to their half bathroom. They had some broken tiles and the style of the floor was quite dated.

We used peel and stick tiles to give it a more modern look and no longer an eye sore.

Project Specs

  • Project</h3 >

    remove all items from basement before client moved out

  • Location</h3 >

    Cleveland Heights

Basement Clean Out

After selling their home, our client needed to get rid of everything they were not taking to their new home. We were able to separate the things they wanted to keep and hauled off everything else.
We were able to remove about 10 cubic yards of unwanted clutter by trailer so that our client could meet their obligations to the buyer.
It was amazing how much larger the basement felt after its clean-out. The client was very happy with the job and it left Andre & I feeling very accomplished. It was nice to not only clean up the area but help remove some of the stress of moving from our client.

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