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Lawn Mowing

Spend your days walking along the lakefront paths, picnicking at Sims Park, hiking the trails of Euclid Creek, and not mowing your lawn!
Mow, Edge, & Blow
Every lawn mowing service includes us mowing all grass areas accessible by lawn mower, line trimming the areas the mowers can't get to, edging along walkways, and blowing off the lawn and walkways to finish the service.
Grass Height
We normally mow around the 3-4 inch range. Keeping your grass taller helps keep it healthy and resistant to drought. If you'd like us to mow lower, just let us know but beware it is not recommended.
Only the LAWN is serviced
During a lawn mowing service we do not go into flower beds at all. Our line trimmers stop at the edge of the bed where the grass ends. We are happy to service your beds, but that is a separate service.
Lawn Mowing Service Starts at $45
Our base price for lawn mowing is $45. The final price of your service will be determined based on the yard size, recurring vs one time service, and other factors.


We can rake out all of the dead grass, leaves, and other debris keeping your lawn from thriving.
Recommended in April or May
It is best to remove the thatch from your lawn each Spring or whenever you are planting grass.
About the Service
We will bring a mechanical rake, similar to a lawn mower but the blades go vertical instead of horizontal. It will scrape up the loose and dead thatch, we blow it into a pile, bag it all up, and leave you with a lawn ready for seed.
Best to Overseed Right Away
The thatching machine will leave slightly indented rows in your soil perfect for seeds to take root. It is best to fill them with grass seed before weeds take over the open space.
Thatching Starts at $125
Thatching jobs start at $125. The final price is determined by the size of your yard, thatch build-up, and the slope of your terrain.


Aeration in the Fall helps drainage over the Winter and thicker grass in the Spring.
Aeration In Fall Makes Grass Grow Better In Spring
Aeration in fall promotes healthier grass in spring because it alleviates soil compaction and allows essential nutrients, water, and oxygen to reach the grassroots. This encourages robust root development, leading to stronger, more vibrant growth when warmer weather returns.It is always good to add Aereation to your Fall maintenance routine.
Overseed After Aerating
After aeration is an ideal time for overseeding because the process creates small openings in the soil, providing direct access for seeds to make contact with the soil. This improves seed-to-soil contact, which is crucial for germination and root development. Additionally, the aeration process reduces competition from existing grass, giving the new seeds a better chance to establish themselves. This combined with the loosened soil and improved access to nutrients and moisture creates optimal conditions for successful overseeding and promotes a thicker, healthier lawn.


Urban lawn mowing practices, with frequent and close cuts, prevent grass from producing and dispersing seeds effectively. This hinders natural reseeding. To compensate for this, annual overseeding becomes crucial. It introduces new seeds, filling in gaps and ensuring a lush, green lawn.

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