Website Services

Domain Services

The name you type into an internet browser is known as a domain name. You need to secure your name annually. Colin Can Help Hosting Services can help you with your domain purchases, sales, and transfers.


Website Hosting

Hosting is what powers your website and your personal cloud to store your websites information. I can explain all of the hosting options and set you up with your perfect hosting plan.


Website Development

I have built websites for authors, musicians, small businesses, ecommerce stores, and more. I love learning about businesses and bringing their strengths and personality to a digital life.


Website Maintenance

Websites are like cars. As long as you do regular maintenance, they will last forever. I can teach you how to make routine updates or take care of it al for you.

CCH Website Process

Phase 1


The better I understand your business and your goals, the better I can build a site for you. To do this I offer a free one hour consultation to discover your goals and needs. I then can suggesst the best course of action.

Set Up Account

Most website needs can be covererd under Colin Can Help Hosting. There are a few musician and ecommerce projects that might call for other hosting. Either way, we have to get you a hosting account.

Domain & Hosting

Once you have a hosting account, you can secure a domain name, hosting, email, and any other products you need to get your site going.

Set Up Questionnaire

I will have a personaized questionnaire for you to fill out to help me fill out your site. All you have to do is answer the questions and I will program them into where they need to go.

Phase 2

set up and revisions

I will put the information from your questionnaire into your theme and we will make any revisions needed to get ready for launch.


Once we agree that the site is bug free and all the content is there, it is time to launch the site and tell all of your audience to check it out!


After a site is launched I can teach you how to make updates and new additions or take care of it for you.

What You Need To Know

Even though the name is “yours”, it isn’t really yours. What you are paying for is the right to use the name and for your information to be stored in the DNS as the “owner” of the site. If your registration lapses by 30 days, the site will become available again to anyone who wants to purchase it. 

40% of the websites on the internet are made with WordPress. That is because it is easy to use, reliable, and it gets the job done. I recommend everyone start their WordPress site with a premium theme and a license to Elementor Pro

You can pay anywhere from $0 to thousands of dollars for a website. Why such a big gap? No two websites are the same and the more detailed and efficient the site, the more they cost. On average a site will cost you between $20 and $50 per month.

Once you have a launched website, you want to use social media and networking to send people to your site. With your own website you can gather tons of information about your audience.

When asked this, I often compare it to taxes. You can ABSOLUTELY build a site yourself but having a professional build it will get you a more efficient and developed site. I normally recommend to have someone like me build it and then teach you how to make updates and additions yourself.

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