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Why you should be

Using Cinnamon In Your Garden

Start using cinnamon at the
seedling stage.

When you are starting plants from seed it is common for them to be attacked by diseases that either keep it from germinating or die early. Applying cinnamon powder to your seedlings can increase their ability to grow due to its antifungal properties. Cinnamon has also been found to get rid of fungus gnats by killing their preferred fungus to feed on.

Cinnamon prevents mushrooms.

The antifungal properties I just mentioned also help keep mushrooms away. A light dusting over your mulch or soil helps keep mushrooms at bay while not harming your plants.

First Aid for Plants

If you see that a plant has been cut or chewed on, sprinkling cinnnamon on it can help. The antifungal properties in cinnamon encourage healing and prevent infection.

Natural Ant Repellant

Cinnamon will not kill ants but they sure do hate it. Ants will often change course if met with a line of cinnamon. Sprinkling it on your garden can help send the ants looking for somewhere else to go.
If you have a problem with ants coming into your home, try sprinkling some at the doors and windows.

Great for house plants

Sprinling cinnamon in your indooor soil helps get rid oofo molds and mildew.
It will also get rid of gnats if you happen to have them buzzing around your house plants. These are the same gnats seedlings get. The cinnamon destroys the fungus they feed on and the gnats will die.

Rooting Hormone

People spend a ton of money on products to get plants to root when cinnamon can get the same results.

Keeps Away Bugs

I mentioned its affectiveness with ants but they are not the only pest that doesn’t like cinnamon. It can be a great deterrent for rabbits. squirrels, and other critters. Using cinnamon in your garden also can keep away mosquitos and gnats by disrupting their larva cycles growth.

You don’t need special cinnamon powder.

Any type of cinnamon powder will do. Depending where you shop, itt mightt be expensive but Amazon has you coverd as usual. You can get a 5 pound bag of organic ground cinnamon for 30 bucks.

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