All too often people ask you to like, comment and subscribe. I always ask myself, why do they not skip all of those CTA’s and get right to the one that really counts! If you are asking what call to action (CTA) really matters, it is getting people to share the post!

When a post is shared, there is a chain reaction of positive things that will happen for you. First being, the algorithms of the sites you are posting on will recognize people shared your content and in turn will deem it as good content and show it to more people.

Better yet, when people see someone they respect shares a post, there is almost no better “first impression”. When someone shares a post, it is as though they have endorsed the post as something valuable and trustworthy.

Even if people do not buy or engage with the post, shared posts will get your name in front of people it might not of if it wasn’t shared, or you would have had to pay for ads, and it still wouldn’t have been as well received.