The Value of Writing a Short Story
by Dave Worthen

A few years ago I started writing books. I love writing. I love writing books. 

But I began to see a trend online which was disturbing which was many people seemed to be reading less. I’ve even seen statistics on memes on social media about the decline of reading.

So, I decided to survey my followers. I did a simple free Survey Monkey. It was only a few questions. Things like:

  • Do they read much?
  • When they read something online, how long into the article before they scrolled off?

See, the culture is now more of a “swipe” or “scroll” culture. I did not want to believe this, but it’s true. I swipe and scroll too.

But I read every day. And I read books everyday.
But my followers admitted they did not read as much anymore.

So I tried my hand at short stories. 

It was really a test for me because I’m a counselor and coach and I try to teach or pass along something to help people. So I wrote a short story series. I not only got more readers, but a new fan base that likes my fiction and my character.

When you write because you enjoy writing, I realized that the short story is another way to write and keep writing without getting lost in the “undone” books we’re writing.

Give it a whirl.
It’s fun and you get more of your work out there.


Dave Worthen

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