If you have a social media account, the whole purpose is to drive attention and traffic to your pages. You probably have heard that one of the best ways to do this is to work with an influencer. After that point, you are probably like most people and do not know where to turn.

There are thousands of “influencers” on social media. People who have large follower counts and get a lot of digital attention. The follower count is not that important and can actually be the quickest way to get burned by an influencer.

Meaning, just because they have a high follower count, doesn’t mean that people are actually REALLY paying attention. One sure-fire way to get people’s attention is with any subject that is taboo. That is why I want you to consider working with tattooed models. There are a few brands that their ideology might not align with this theory, but there is some sound logic in it.

Simply put: Most people like to look at attractive men and women with tattoos.

There are numerous ways that you could align yourself with a model to get more attention to your brand:

  • Sponsor a photoshoot for them.
    • Pay their preferred photographer their fee to take the photos and have the model and photographer tag your brand when posted on social media. You can also then use the photos for other marketing campaigns.
  • Send them free samples of products/services
    • Send your products to them and just ask them to review it on their channels.