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Frankie Rae

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My first tattoo was a kiss mark on my right cheek on my 18th birthday.
My favorites are my koala, owl, and skunk tattoo but I am most recognized by my 3 piece mandala tattoo on my left shoulder by Boomer Reagan from Immortal tattoo.

Tattoos are much more mainstream than they used to. I do find a lot of model calls (usually for runway work) that require no tattoos.

I got in front of the camera to build confidence. Since I started I’ve switched to the other side of the lens and have become a photographer and model coach. I have been fortunate enough to be published more than 20 times, I’m an official pinup model for Delicious Dolls, I’ve walked in 10+ runway shows (I am 5ft tall) I’m sponsored by some amazing companies such as Nhalables. My platforms have given me a voice to speak out against domestic violence.

My tips for working with a new photographer;

1. Always get references!
Don’t be afraid to message other models and ask about their experiences with a particular photographer.
2. Never ever go alone!
No photographer will ever have an issue with a model bringing a friend as long as they do not intervene in the shooting process  (do not bring significant other)

The biggest misconception people have of me from social media is that I’m social and/ or over sexual when in real life I am shy and conservative. My modeling is my alter ego.
If you know anyone who would be a good micro-influencer to feature, send them my way!

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