Micro-Influencer: Darl1ng_n1kk1

Darl1ng_N1kk1 is a model that could be your next micro-influencer. She is deeply involved in the tattoo, modeling, and boudoir niches.



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  • I got my first one when I was 18 in my first real act of rebellion. A few years later, I started adding more and I just couldn’t quit! It really is addicting. My sleeves represent my kids and family in one way or another. My leg sleeve that’s in progress is for my love of Disney, with a twist – expect the unexpected.
  • Work knows about my arm sleeves because we do not have to cover, but they aren’t aware of my leg. My family isn’t thrilled about the tattoos or modeling, but both have brought me to a level of self-confidence I never had before.
  • My very first shoot was a bucket list item for myself. The following year, I became a brand ambassador for the photographer and then it just snowballed from there! It’s hard work, expensive and lots of competition when you really start to expand to prints and paid work.
  • I follow their work on Instagram for a while and watch the quality and see who they work with. I’m not afraid to ask models directly hoe their experiences went.
  • Not just for me, but all models – we can be talked to like we don’t have feelings. Yes, we put ourselves out there and have to have thick skin to a point. But we are all human and people need to learn to be kind.

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