Building a Portfolio With $150 : Week 2


So I am starting week two after a solid first week. A say solid, because I have no investing expertise and I was able to get about a 10% gain on my investment in my first week. The trick is to figure out how to duplicate that success again in week two.

I am entering the week with 41.51 in cash ready to buy up things to flip this week. The weekend wasn’t the greatest to me but I didn’t drop that low in after market hours. So, let’s see what this week has in store!


I checked my portfolio upon waking up and getting to the daily routine of checking my phone. Robinhood is often one of my first checks as it sends alerts while I am sleeping saying I either am making or losing money! The lows are the part that take the fun out of building a portfolio for some, but make me really interested. I see a stock drop that I originally had a good feeling on it, then it makes sense a lot of times to buy more stocks of it to get my average stock price lowered and make it easier to flip it for at least a small profit instead of selling it off as a loss.


Nintendo – $35.64 – 1 share

  • I bought it slightly for nostalgia, slightly for its a recommended investment.
  • It fit the dollar amount I had to spend. Meaning I invested a lot of my available but still had a few dollars left over incase i need to double down on another stock I already own.
  • They have had a bad year, but the last month seems like it might be them trying to end their slump from their charts.
  • They pay a small dividend.
  • They have been around forever and to me always manage to evolve.
  • Final reason, my Robinhood app analyst ratings are at 89% buy, 11% hold, 0% sell. That is based off of 19 ratings, meaning only one said hold and 18 say its a good bet.

New Gold – $1.09 – 4 shares

  • I picked up more New Gold. It was good to me last week for a quick flip and though highly risky, I bought back in.
  • I saw an article which is linked above that said it was expected to grow which solidified my opinion that I would take a risk on it again this week.
  • They look horrible in the 1 year territory but have been up about 30% the last three months. Looks like maybe they are back on an up swing for a while? I hope so 🙂



NAK – 3 shares @.6697 for a total of $1.34

  • I bought two more shares of this stock because it was just about the break even and on a slight up turn. I am hoping that in the next day or two it will net me a 5-9 % return and I can ditch it.

BLue Apron – 2 shares for 1.43 per share or 2.86 total order

It is sky rocketing so I sold off A Zynga Share that met my 5% minimum return to free up a few bucks to get 2 shares more in Blue Apron.



Zynga – sold for about a 5.5% return

Sold to clear more room to go more in on Blue Apron



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