1. Eat

In today’s business life we are always multitasking, maximizing efficiency, staying busier than ever before. One thing that some people often over look in their work day is EATING! We get used to when we are tired we reach for the coffee, Red Bull, Mountain Dew, or a candy bar. I am guilty of this too, but we are fooling ourselves to think that we are getting real energy that way. Believe it or not, eating regularly and eating the right foods can keep your blood sugar regular and keep you consistently charged. Simple things like keeping dark chocolate, nuts, and other grazing snacks could keep you from that afternoon crash.

2. Change Scenery

I personally use this technique all throughout my day to keep productive. I am a free lancer, so I don’t have an official ” lunch break”, but for me I change scenery whenever I feel my ambition to drain. You can do this too for your lunch break. Instead of eating in the lunch room, go out to your car, have a picnic, take a quick drive to the park, just get out of the office and reset in anyway that makes you feel great.

3. Meditate

When your computer doesn’t work, you unplug it and turn it back on and it often works better right? Sometimes humans need to do the same thing. We don’t have the physical cord to unplug, but if you can go to a quiet place and find a way to meditate, it can have a big impact on the rest of your day. There is a reason why it is called a “lunch break”, you should actually take a break! Recharge your mind, have some nutrition to fuel yourself through the second part of the day. It was reported that are actually taking a full break during their lunch break!

4. Exercise

Stressful meetings all morning? Take your lunch at the gym! The gym is a great way to get rid of your stress and regain your focus while also working on your body. The physical and mental benefits of exercise are huge!

5. Errands

This isn’t my favorite thing on the list, but it needed to be here. I HATE going to the store around 5-7 o’clock when it seems the rest of the city is there too! If you can go get things done while you are in the middle of your day, it can benefit your ability to go right home and wind down after work.




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