We all can agree that it is good to invest, especially in ourselves. But all too often people start before they even start! I made a list of 25 Ways to Invest in Yourself without spending any money!

1. Don’t worry about opinions

A lot of people will spend their entire life living the way other people want. It may seem important to make those around you happy, but do not worry about people’s opinions more than your own.

2. Wake up early

Some will certainly disagree with this one but the logic behind it is that if you wake up early and get the important things done, you will not lack the time to get it done.

3.Stop procrastinating

One of the best way to invest in yourself is to do things! Stop worrying and thinking and just try things. If you can try new things, you will find new talents or at least have less regrets.

4. Work on time management

5. Stick to a routine

A routine is the start of habits. It is up to you to determine if they are good or bad habits you are setting. If you make sure you wake up early, get a workout in, have a good breakfast every day for a week, its amazing how much easier it is the second week!

6. Be open to new things

7. Plan out your goals

8. Forgive others

9. Don’t look for approval

10. Listen to people

11. Listen to podcasts

This has never been easier to do as it seems like everyone has a podcast these days (myself included). What I love about podcasts are their ability to teach and entertain on the go. You can listen to them in the car, during a workout, mowing the lawn, cleaning the house, and many other ways to maximize how your time is being spent. Also, when you find a podcast you really like and listen to often it helps you feel a sense of community with the host and audience.

12. Reevaluate your friends

We all have at least one friend who isn’t a good influence or is “toxic”. It is important when considering where you want to be in life to consider if those you hang around are the best fit for your goals.

13. Watch a documentary

Youtube has more documentary footage than you’ll ever be able to watch. Allow yourself to go down the rabbit holes that pique your interest.

14. Study online scholarly articles

15. Read books

It doesn’t matter what you read, reading is a habit that will always return a positive ROI to your life. It can be stories or learning, either way, you’ll be a better you after completing a book.

16. Call a friend you haven’t heard from in a while

17. Find a mentor

18. Meditate

19. Learn to be grateful

20. Exercise
Exercise is often thought to be good for the body, but taking care of your physical fitness is also really good for your mental health as well. If you are having trouble focusing or dealing with stress, taking

21. Drink less alcohol

22. Walk in the park

23. Volunteer

24. Write a list of things you are thankful for.

25. Share a post ( could be this one) of a small business or local artist and tell your friends about it.


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