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Trippin’ On You by Cody McConaha

I was first introduced to Cody McConaha when I did the interviews of Adi Rei and Skuff Micksun for Colin’s Conversations. It was mid to late summer, right around the time that Cody released Tired. I remember talking to Skuff Micksun about that track and when he told me that was the first song that Cody recorded, I was shocked. It was catchy, super well produced, and just seemed like the work of someone who had been doing it and polishing their skills for years. Cody McConaha has since just slowly released a total of 3 singles, with his latest being Trippin on You featuring Adi Rei.

Trippin’ On You is an ok song. The more I listen to it, the more it grows on me. There is nothing amazing about it, but nothing “wrong” with it. I feel like a snobby wine critic when I say this phrase, but ” it lacks depth”. There are parts where I hear Cody’s voice hitting a wide range of notes that I liked, Adi had a good rhythm on his verse, but there wasn’t that ” thing ” that makes me really vibe with it.

As I keep Trippin’ On You on a repeating loop and focus on the production, it is very smooth production. Adi and the guys over there always make sure to release very well produced music. The beats and vocals are balanced really well. I had the chance to briefly ask Adi about the song and he told me:

Cody brought the beat and the hook to me and we co-wrote the whole song and recorded it in mostly one session.

Trippin on you is basically a preview, a hype builder for NVASION volume 2 that releases January 1, 2020.

After listening to Trippin’ On You over and over…

It makes me want to encourage any rapper that I work with to contact Cody to work on their hooks and contact NVASION for production. The way his voice can hit such a wide range of notes all in the same sentence is super unique and I think what keeps me always looking into his new projects.

I don’t think that this song makes it into my long term library, but the chorus of it is hard to not bob your head to. Just because I don’t relate to it, doesn’t mean you won’t though! I always encourage everyone to give things a non biased listen. But after you do…

I would love to know what you think of the song!

Leave your thoughts in the comments, write me an email, send a DM, however you like to communicate!

If you want to know more about the artist, reach out to him and tell him to apply to be on Colin’s Conversations Podcast and I will find out all the things you really want to know!




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