This is my review of the new project by Mic Miles, 27. As with all of my CD and EP reviews, I don’t want to spoil you right away. I included a Spotify link to all of the songs so you can listen to it yourself and underneath put my thoughts and pull a memorable line or few.
If you just want my summary of the project, scroll all the way to the bottom.

Here we go, Mic Miles 27….

1. World Series

It is important to start things off on a good note so that you have peoples attention and desire to check out the rest of the project. Mic Miles did just that with World Series. It sets the tone of, ” you’re going to get some real bars and some real feelings on this project”.

I’ve had some fun making some lyric graphics from this song. The bars are simple but keep coming like a row of falling dominos. The beat is smooth, the lyrics are great, all around a perfect first song for any tape.

Memorable Lyrics:



The song starts with “Straight up out the Grease, if its a problem, we can leave”. You may ask yourself like I did, ” What is the grease and Greaselake?” Greaselake is a nickname for a city called Eastlake, Ohio. Mic holds Eastlake near and dear to his heart and is also where he started rapping!

Greaselake is just like I said about World Series, a good beat, laced with word play, all around a good song!

Memorable Lyrics:

Can’t trust em, thats the way its gotta be.
Know I’m buzzing, getting honey’s but the shit ain’t sweet
Looking down on me, they going to only see defeat

3. Cold World

On this song, Mic really goes into his confidence bag. He rides the beat perfectly, gives himself props throughout the song, ” Illest on the microphone, tell them Mic is home” “can’t nobody see me, not even on the cadence”, and a ton of other great bars.
I love to hear him rap like this, it lets me know that he knows that he is a great MC and knows people are sleeping on his skills.

Memorable Lyrics:

You ain’t fuckin with the kid like a dead beat… dad
And all you rappers say you trappin’ hard, but you sell weed… bad

4. Road to Riches

Road to Riches again is Mic riding beats perfectly, painting a picture with words and ingraining himself in your mind as a dude who puts out truthful high quality tracks. I always pull out a “memorable line” for all the songs, it was hard to do with this one since his bars are super truthful and visual the whole way through.

Memorable Line:

I’m on the road to riches, I hope I don’t get pulled over, that’s real

5. Outro

Normally I am not a fan of outros. They are usually just people babbling and saying thanks or a skit. Songs that are less than two minutes, I am usually pretty critical of. Not the case here! Mic didn’t leave any fat on this tape and especially not on this song. It is short, sweet, and packed full of bars.

Memorable Lines: THE WHOLE SONG!


Final Thoughts:

I give the Mic Miles, 27 project a 5/5, solid all the way through.

Just like my review of the Dawning project by DirtyBackPack, I wish it was longer. He left no extras, no fat on this tape. It’s short, its sweet, and he leaves you wanting more. I had the pleasure to interview Mic Miles for my Colin’s Conversations podcast and in a segment where I tested his knowledge on his lyrics, he got me as a long term fan. His passion for his art shines through in every bar.

Do I recommend you listen to the project?

I highly recommend you buy or stream as much of Mic Miles stuff as possible to help keep him making this great music. If you want to learn more about Mic Miles, I included some footage from my interview with him from late summer, 2019:

Mic Miles Playlist from Colin’s Conversations


Find him online:








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