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Renderforest Review

Renderforest is a tech company out of Armenia that you should probably be sure to know at least a little about if you are going to be blogging or doing anything on Youtube. Their mission is to make successful branding affordable and available to everyone. They can provide logos, intro animation, custom videos, websites, and more.

At Renderforest we are working hard to give people the opportunity to create high-quality videos with a professional touch. We put quality at the core of everything we do, and this reflects not only in our product but also in our team spirit and collaborations.

I have only used Renderforest for intro videos but everyone I have used has been amazing and incredibly easy to make. You just upload your logo, a few other pieces of info and you are done. It renders a video, you either approve or edit it and you are good to go. They have a few options on what you can do from there.

What I like about this service is the ease of use. I love that you can just plug in a bit of info and within seconds they have a preview of what it would look like for you.

The animations are well designed. I have not used the website features, but the screenshots look good!

I would certainly look at at least getting a one-off purchase from Renderforest if you are looking to get into doing anything video related. And in todays world, everything you are marketing should have a video component!


Check them out today: Renderforest

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