I am a big fan of the Cleveland lyricist, Mic Miles. After my interview with him, I liked his stuff even more. For that reason, I broke down the lyrics to one of my favorite Mic Miles song, World Series.

A few of these lines may be off by a word or two, but I think they are pretty accurate, let me know what you think in the comments:

World Series:



Life is a gamble, just hope your pair is nice.

Got me searching for paradise with a pair of dice

Prepared to die, so I let it ride.

And I be getting high because you can’t make it to the top when you’re scared of heights

This game is a bitch I wasn’t prepared to wife.

But I could never give you up, I feel like Barry White.

You’re the scary type, you don’t want no problems.

I be out front where the mail be, scary spice.

Just mind your business dog, la coca nostra

I said I’m here for the moment, I think I got their hopes up.

My moment is everlasting, dog my clock is broken.

You’ll get your chance to shine when my time is over.

I hope they get the picture I’ve been snapping lately.

Somehow I’m on time but I’ve been procrastinating

Sickest Nigga Out but I’m not contagious

You Couldn’t get my swag through any operation.

Through many observations I’ve seen a lot of faking

Too many smiling faces and secret conversations

Yeah, I play it safe because I know Im reckless

Been playing chess since I was 11, so nigga don’t try to check us.

Sickest nigga out, I’m still like Fuck a check up

And I know they keep pressing, but I never feel the pressure

I used to be depressing but now I feel like pressa

Waiting for a nigga to try me Get his press up

But they never test us, They just like to lecture

Tell them if they want smoke, they are in the right direction

Cause I’m on fire Nigga

I know they see me coming.

Or they are blind to the fact that I run it, Stevie Wonder.

I hope they take this shit personal

I know they want to drape my style but the curtain is closed.

Know they hate because I’m versatile and I murder flows.

I just tell them these are the breaks, I feel like Curtis Blow

And Basketball is my favorite sport

Its the only time I’m never late to court

I thank my mother that she ain’t abort

And to my father, stay from around the boy, dog you made your choice.

And to the GREASE I’ll be your voice forever

I got it tatted so they can’t forget it.

Drizzy flow but I’, sounding like Armageddon

These rappers are my children, my niggas are still young and restless

I’m rested


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