Through my podcast I have had the chance to listen to a lot of local music. From people I found as well as many who have submitted their material to be on the show. Through all of my research this year, I have put together my Top 5 Cleveland Rappers List of 2019.


5. Kipp Stone

Kipp Stone is on the list even though he has not put out much this year due to his lyrical superiority over the majority of local rappers. I have heard through multiple sources that the projects that Kipp is working on and soon to release are going to make people understand why he is on this list.

4. Mic Miles

Mic Miles is one of the most unknown and underrated talents in the city. His new project, 27 is amazing. His cadence, lyrical talent, melodies, beats, all of it is there. I am hoping word spreads about Mic Miles so that he can keep leveling up as his skills deserve. Be sure to check out the video above featuring OG Magnum for the song, “We Know”


3. Kent Archie

Kent Archie came on my radar when he opened a show for Token at the Grog Shop early in the year. His live performance is the best I have seen locally this year, his music is amazing, and I have been anticipating his next project for months. If you haven’t heard him yet, be sure to check him out. He will be a national name before you know it if he can continue to release music at the quality level that he has thus far.



2. Dirtybackpack

The video above is Namaste featuring another person on the list, Mic Miles. DirtyBackPack is a rap duo comprised of brother in laws. Their style is unique, one of a kind, and self described as weird. Their beats are often made by SirPhaded who fully understands their sound. They put out a new project this year called Dawning that is a must listen. The only complaint that I have for it is that it should be twice as long.
Not only is DirtyBackPack extremely talented on their own, but they have seemed to mastered the art of finding the right features for their tracks. There is a song on there too that features our number one artist…


1. Nuke Franklin

Nuke Franklin is one talented dude. His latest project Play Dead was a theatrical masterpiece. He takes rap as a form of therapy and his work ethic is going to ensure he is a nationally known name in no time. Every project gets better and some of the songs he has in the works are a level above what even he has done.



How do you feel about this list? Did I leave anyone out that should have made it should it be reordered?

Let me know!!

Thanks for checking out the Top 5 Cleveland Rappers list!


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