Get Out of Town by Dirtybackpack featuring Curly Chuck Review

Get Out of Town was released at the end of October, and can simply be described as a Cleveland Rap. The song is by Cleveland natives Dirtybackpack and features Curly Chuck.

With a beat made by Sir Phaded and produced by the sound god Adi Rei, it has everything a rap song needs. Great beat, lyrics about guns, drugs, and hoes, as well as song word play.

Skuff is the opening verse and his voice and opening lines got my attention. His verse paints the picture of a guy struggling and flows right into Average John who has a really short verse but nailed it. His verse is very drug filled, but something you probably won’t catch without reading this review is that his line ” blue has me feeling invincible” is about their microphone! When he is on the mic he feels nobody can touch him, and he isn’t wrong!

Get Out of Town closes with a long verse from Cleveland lyricist, Curly Chuck.

Curly Chuck has a very unique style but it blends so well with DBP. He starts off slow and melodic and works his way into some LSD inspired tongue twisting rhymes.

My only complaint about the song is that it ended so quickly. I would have loved another verse out of all three of the guys. The beat is amazing, as are most of the Sir Phaded beats. The production by Adi Rei and everyone who had their hand on this project is top notch.

Overall Grade: 4/5



Damn, I gotta get out of town
Cop my ass another pound
Boy, I get around.
No we ain’t talkin no grams
Boy, Don’t talk about my grams
I’m from the land
Smoking on loud, can’t turn me down
You turn me off, what’s with that negative vibe
Take a look inside, best get into my tribe
Gimme some time, what if I don’t have the time
Out of sight out of mind
I’m on my grind
Deal on my line
That’s just so typical, I change my mind
I’m so atypical, out of my mind
Coke in my dollars
smoking my dimes,
I’m feeling fine
Wish you would chill
What’s the deal
You know the drill
Get out of town

Average John:

Smoke it right out of the ground
Hemp wick, I wrap it around
Chief up the pound
Wahoo, I’m making my rounds
Cleveland my city, my sound
Tab into visual
PMA thinking is critical
Don’t be so cynical
DBP this is the ritual
Blue got me feeling invincible


Curly Chuck:

I am the Wizard of Oz
Look in her eyes, she wants to trip with the guys
Get in the ride
Visualize, see through the visual lies
We’re digitalized
So I’ve just been living inside
my spiritual mind
I’m getting so sick of my job, but
I’ve gotta stick to the grind
One flip at a time
I’m trippin, no lie
My niggas get me so high
one day I’m really going to die
But really im not,
I’ve never seen energy stop
and that shit is in me a lot
So don’t even try
I’m cold as bologna on rye
I know that the phonies going to fry
I tote a 4-5
I load it, and blow it four times
controlling soul and your mind
I’m a pot smoker, thick thot stroker
I’m not sober, I’m bipolar
I’m not joking
I’m high, hold up
I roll up with high rollers
And my bi hoes be thicker than bifocals
I give em 5 doses to makes sure their minds open
Then I blindfold them and give them this giant cobra
I’m going to leave your spine swollen, I’m rolling
I’m trying to focus,
I’m the coldest with the flow, I thought I told ya
Your times over





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