I will start the review of the DirtyBackPack EP, Dawning by saying that I think it is one of the best projects I have heard all year by a rap group. Skuff Micksun and Average Johnny put together a great project.

With that said, I want you to develop your own opinion on the art. For that reason I included a Spotify link to all the tracks along with some back story on some of the songs as well as my thoughts, and a crucial line of each song.

Let’s go through the project:

1. No soul ft. Nuke Franklin


No Soul Notes:

This song features one of the most under rated artists in Cleveland, Nuke Franklin. Needless to say Nuke did his thing. Skuff Micksun of DBP told me a blog listed the second verse in No Soul made them a DiryBackPack Fan…. Skuff was first and The Plain Dealer was the third verse 😀

The beat was a Sir Faded original which gives it the DirtyBackPack vibe. For those who don’t know, Sir Faded is a preferred producer of DBP. Average Johnny, Skuff, and Nuke all brought their A game, so I guess they liked the beat too.

Best Line: Grew up a mut, but upgraded my pedigree. Breaking the chain on my broke ass ancestry.


2. Kora

Kora Notes:

Kora has a great SirPhaded beat that got my attention from the beginning. Skuff builds the hype with some great grit in his voice. The song is hard but melodic. Even though the guys did a great job with their lyrics, all the credit goes to the beat. There are so many layers of feelings, the beat is like a movie. Kora has a little something for everyone.


Memorable Line: An invincible individual, magical and mythical, twisting medicinal


3. Drifting away ft. adi rei

Drifting Away Notes:

This song features musical engineer and rapper, Adi Rei. Even though this is a rap song, its melodies and singing are what carry it. It is really well produced, well written, and another great DBP collab song.


Memorable Line: Why you act like you don’t know me, Say she want the old me. y, I just want a new you.

4. down


Down Notes:

Down is not your typical hip hop song. To me it seems like it is about depression, being down and people telling you there are pills for that. Very catchy song. Great vibe captured on this one. It’s dark but not too dark, I like it.

Memorable Line: Thinking of digging my own grave, so I can get some rest.

5. rotation ft. grimm doza


Rotation Notes:

One thing is clear, if you try to play with Skuff’s energy, he’s not having it. I love the grit in his verse too. This song was my first introduction to Grimm Doza and I think he did a good job, but I wish Average Johnny had a longer part in this one. I think he had a really good flow that he could have carried for a little bit longer.

Best Line: Wax made is my bowl so when I drop it never smashes.

6. back in it

Back In It Notes:

“I’m in my bag, that Dirty Back Pack” What a great play on the phrase and the band origin! It is a short song where they repeat a Skuff verse twice, but it all plays smooth.

Memorable Line: Best believe I’m never going to back track, I’ve got my back pack.


7. love struck ft. bear/trap

Love Struck Notes

Sir Phaded killed the beat. It is such a DBP sound. It is hard to not nod your head to this one. Skuff and John interchange so well. It is like a modern equivalent of how Dr.Dre and & Eminem used to go back and forth so well. This song also utilizes

Memorable Lines:
Plug ain’t picking up his phone, I’m lonely
Every time I leave the house I’m trying to come back with a brand new bag.

8. Sheep ft. mic miles

Sheep Notes:

I have become a huge Mic Miles fan and he is a cornerstone of the DirtyBackPack Dawning EP. Mic Miles is another very underrated rapper in Cleveland. His cadence, delivery, and bars are all spot on. What is even more impressive than Mic Miles part is how the three guys on the song can intertwine so seamlessly. Where one leaves off, the next picks up where they left off like they are all sharing one mind. This song is great all around. I wish it was longer, I feel like if all three did another verse and made it about 3:30 minutes instead of 2 it would be PERFECT. I look forward to hearing more of this collaboration in the future.

Memorable Line: Callin me Dealer, but I’m a consumer. Don’t do no H because that’s for losers

So there you have it.

That was Dawning by DirtyBackPack. I think its great for what it is and paints an awesome optimistic future of what DBP will have in store next. They seem to have mastered the art of finding the right collaborations while also found a really good groove of who they are.

It’s different, its weird at times, because that is how they want it to be. I hope you all found something that you liked in this expedition through Dawning that you may want to regularly stream or buy to help keep these guys doing what they are doing!

Rating: 5/5

Find out more about Dawning and DirtyBackPack:

Twitter: @dirtybackpackin

Instagram: @dirtybackpackin

YouTube: Dirty BackPack









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