I can help you sell more houses

How Can I Help?


When you advise your fans to go to Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, Youtube, etc. you are giving those sites access to all of the data that has allowed them to be Billion dollar companies. 

They thank you for doing this by making it nearly impossible to make a living from their sites and oftentimes not showing your content to followers if you do not pay for ads.

I can bring your visions to life and make the site you always wish you had. I can help you pick out a domain, get website hosting, build the site, make updates, and help you understand your sites performance to turn visitors into fans.


One of the best ways to grow your brand awareness is getting on podcasts and radio. While people tend to not have much trust in a social media ad, they REALLY trust their favorite podcast hosts. 

I can help you get booked on podcasts to showcase your personality and your art. To do this, I use your website and other digital links to reach out to podcast hosts on your behalf and get you booked.

All you have to do is appear on time for the show and deliver a great interview!

Instagram Reels


I can be as hands on or hands off with your social media as you like. If you want to make sure your social media is the authentic you or if you want nothing to do with it but know you need to be active, I can do both of those!

I offer the following social media services:

  • Content Planning
  • Content Scheduling
  • Content Development
  • Paid Ad Management
  • Hashtag Research
  • Analytics
  • Set Up Collaborations

Content Scheduling

$50 per month
  • I schedule your content for social media
  • I write the copy for posts
  • Advise you on what new content to create

Ad Management

$150 / min per month
  • Get your content promoted on Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and more.
  • More traffic each month guaranteed
  • Get more clients


I can make sure you have access to high quality directors and videographers to ensure you always have professionnal visuals to accompany your music.

Once the videos are made, I can make sure that your descriptions, titles, tags, end screens, and thumbnails are all optimized.

If your fans and the YouTube community do not take to your video organically, I can set up ad campaigns to drive paid traffic to your channel and videos.

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