Podcast Testimonial

Podcast Testimonial from Jamil

Podcast Testimonial

Podcast Testimonial

A short clip to help promote a podcast through an experience of a guest of the show.

About the Project

This podcast testimonial was made to be shared on social media to help promote Colin’s Conversations Podcast. While I was filming some clips for Jamil & the Show, I asked him what it was like working with me on my podcast.

I think it is important to make testimonials something other than just a small picture, text, and some stars. By making a clip like this, Jamil sells the show way better than I ever could.

It is also important to think of every possible piece of content you can make from a collaboration. For example, this clip was an afterthought. He was already in my recording studio working on a project and at the end of the session I asked him for short answers to a few questions.

I want to also point out that the audio sucks in this clip. We had all sorts of issues with the lav mic that day. I still thought what he said and his delivery was so genuine, I used the clip anyways.

This video is currently one of my best performers on Youtube, had I not asked the question, the content wouldn’t exist.

To create this video, the video was shot on my Canon EOSM6, added a Noir Filter to the video, and finally ran it through Canva to get the frame and text

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