For decades parents and have been insisting that their kids go to college. As a society, we have built up an idea that ” if you go to college, you will get a good job, get a house, start a family, and live happily ever after”.

What they sometimes forget to include in that dream life are two really important points:

College is not for everyone.

Not everyone… most people can not afford to go to college.

College is not for everyone

This point can be simplified into two areas. Everyone learns differently and not everyone wants to learn the same thing. By creating a system that teaches kids to take tests and to not love to learn, we are hurting ourselves as a country.

Not everyone… MOST people can not afford to go to college.

As the years go on, college tuition costs continue to rise as the cost to educate yourself continues to get lower and lower. Colleges were once a terrific idea. When there was no internet, no computers, no world database in your pocket, college made sense.

In those days, it made sense to go and pay a bunch of money to get access to skills and resources you would never be able to afford privately. But since those days, the administration costs of colleges have skyrocketed while the education they are providing is arguably no better than it was 20-30 years ago.

Yet, millions of people take on HUGE loads of debt to go to college. Some people never pay off the loans that they got!



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