In the early Spring, my wife and I took a drive to Upstate New York to meet with Doug Mothersell, owner of Twisted Willow Fabrication. Doug is a metal fabricator, utility worker, husky breeder, and those are just some of his titles! He is also father to another podcast alumni, Jeremiah Craig.

It was a great couple of hours spent at the Twisted Willow Fabrication shop. Doug and I discussed what it was like being a small business owner, following passions and turning them into income, he showed us all of the cool tools in the shop, and we got to see his pack of sled dogs!

I learned a lot about how things were made, what the experience of working with a metal fabrication shop would be like, and saw some amazing tools.

Not only did I get to meet a new creator and get episode footage, it was also great to see where Jeremiah Craig was from.


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