I like to think of myself as normally on the forefront of finding the cool people to talk to for my podcast, but I cannot take credit for finding Skuff Micksun. All the credit for him being on my radar goes to my beautiful wife, Maura Ross. When I was first getting serious into podcasting and constantly looking for people to interview, Maura came home from work one day and said I should talk to her friend Casey.

A few years ago I was way to full of myself to even listen to the type of stuff Casey, aka Skuff Micksun makes. I used to be pretty stupid and would only listen to rap, the more gangster and vulgar, the better.

That is not at all what you will find when you search for Skuff Micksun. You will find what I call; very artistic, emotional, yet chilled out alternative pop music. There are very few people that I have found that have his sound, a true selling point for me on an artist.

To me, that means that he is following what he wants to create, not what he thinks will sell. He did mention that he does not make much money through music and even though he creates his art daily, he still clocks in to his graveyard shift job almost every day. I could tell you more about what I think of his music, but I would much rather you watch the videos, stream the songs, and purchase his projects and then come talk to me about your opinions.

Our interview was a great conversation. It was the first podcast that I recorded at my house, and other than the landscapers making an appearance with their leaf blowers, it went great!

Skuff is a really easy guy to talk to. Before we recorded we talked a bit about my interview with Nuke Franklin. Skuff and Nuke are friends / colleagues, and Skuff was the one who said that I should get in touch with Nuke. We both had similar views on both Nuke Franklin as well as his recording partner Kipp Stone, and we continued to shoot the shit, getting to know each other a little better. He was apologetically glued to his iPhone as it was the release date of his new song, Rest. He was getting notifications from all over the world from both fans and journalists, dude was kind of a big deal. Making it that much cooler that after months of trying to lock down a date to talk, he was able to give me an hour of his time on one of his busiest days!

But back to the story…

I then went to set up the lights and the camera while Skuff and my wife talked a bit, catching up on old times. I was all set up and ready, Skuff went to our patio to roll himself a cigarette and after smoking about half of it, he was in his zone and ready to podcast.

We cover his start as a musician, all of the art forms that he enjoys, his work as a tattoo artist, and I was the first person to find out the origin story of how he got his stage name!

Check it all out here:




You can find his videos here:


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