What should I say about my trip to Positive Vibes…. For those who don’t know, my wife is one of the most influential people for my podcast. And by “for those who don’t know” she would be included in that list. Maura has introduced me to a large majority of my podcast guests.

She worked with Skuff Micksun and encouraged me to interview him about all that he does for my podcast, at that time called Colin Can Help Podcast. Skuff then introduced me to Adi Rei, Josh Dobay, and DirtyBackPack,

Maura also encouraged me to talk to her friend Kate Cunningham. When I asked what Kate did, Maura couldn’t quite describe all that she did, but said that she had her own shop that she does reiki and serves great tea.

I love having the opportunity to interview someone who knows lots about things I know nothing about, I find it to be one of the best type of learning. I knew nothing about tea and had no idea what reiki was.

My thoughts of the interview:

I went into the interview only knowing that I was talking to one of Maura’s friends and left the interview having a much better understanding of what Kate does and what reiki is.

With that said, I am still super skeptical of all that they do at Positive Vibes, minus the tea. The tea that Kate made us was the best hot tea that I have ever had. I say that as a guy who does not like tea ( minus the Raspberry Pure Leaf, which probably isn’t real tea).

Where I say that I am skeptical of reiki and what they do at Positive Vibes, I think that what they do there is important. Just because I am skeptical of the reiki healing, the powers of crystals, doesn’t mean that people don’t get a great benefit from it.

Kate described reiki as, “the oil change for the soul” which I can agree is a necessity. She said it was a way to recharge your energy and realign your chakras. Though I still don’t really understand chakras, but I totally agree that sometimes we need to reset our brains and bodies.

I encourage you all to watch the videos and listen to the podcast and learn all about what she does. Kate is a wonderful lady, very welcoming, and one hell of a tea maker. If reiki is your thing or you think that it might be, go check her out in Ravenna, Ohio.

Her shop is located at: 220 W Main Street, Ravenna, Ohio 44266
Phone: (440) 655-9318

You can find her online:







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