I had the pleasure of meeting Akron’s best tattoo artist, Ove Menduza in early July. I took the drive from Willoughby to Akron one rainy afternoon to learn more about the guy who I’d been following his impressive Instagram page.

Social Media Loves Him

He has a following of 25,000 followers and I was curious how he got that large of a following, how he did it, and more about the work that he does.

The interview got off to a late start due to a last minute tattoo booking. It was great to get a first hand view of him in action. The piece he was working on was a simple script on a gentlemans forearm.

It was very noticeable that his client was very comfortable and confident in Ove’s abilities.

He sat in the chair happy and eager to make conversation. The whole time, Ove was able to keep complete focus, steady hands, all while being involved in conversation and jokes.

After he finished the tattoo, he cleaned his station, the chair, and entire area surrounding with a spray bottle that will kill any and every type of bacteria you could think of. We set up a few chairs, and got right into the interview.

Ove is Awesome!

As you can see, he was very easy to talk to and very open about all that he does. It is also very easy to see that he absolutely loves what he does and that passion translates into quality work. Another thing that I really respected is how humble he was. For someone to have the skills that he does to be questioned by a guy who knows next to nothing about what he does and keep a cool head and teach his craft is commendable.

It was a great opportunity to interview Ove Menduza, I learned a lot about the tattoo culture, business, and craft in general. After following him online, meeting him in his shop, talking with him for about an hour, and the hours spent going through the footage I gathered, I 100% recommend looking into him if you are looking to get a tattoo!

There is a long wait to see him!

Though, if you do want to get a tattoo done by Ove Menduza, you should contact him ASAP. He mentioned that it is normal for him to be booked up for multiple months at a time and that clients have come as far as China, just for some of his body art!

To contact Ove Menduza:

Phone Number: 330-294-8110

Email: ovemenduza@gmail.com

Instagram: instagram.com/ove_menduza

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ovemenduza

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OveMenduzaart/


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