Who is Mic Miles?

Simply put, a guy I am glad to have met and think more people should know about his work. Mic Miles is best known as a Cleveland rapper and quickly rose towards the top of my Top Cleveland Rappers of 2019 list.



I reached out to Mic Miles via Instagram and he agreed to be interviewed for the podcast. I met Mic once before, at a birthday party for Skuff Micksun. We didn’t talk much there, so it was like the first meeting when we got together for the interview.

Mic was not a fan of dogs, but he was super appreciative in my interest in his music.

He is super easy to talk to.

The most memorable thing about our meeting was the Lyric Test.

His passion for his lyrics shined. I asked him to finish the one line after I stopped the music, he just kept going!

It was great to see someone who makes music as a therapeutic release, and not just trying to recreate the radio.

I highly recommend all of Mic Miles music. I did a review of his latest project, 27.

See how it ranked.


Want to find Mic Miles?








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