Jillian Jones


I had the pleasure to talk with the owner and operator of Supportive Divorce Solutions on the podcast this week; Jillian Jones. Jillian was introduced to me via Jeremiah Craig.

Jeremiah is the content creator behind Jillian’s Social Media accounts and when he asked me to have her on the show, I couldn’t say no.

I went to her website and social media and listened to her interview on the Perceptions of Reality Podcast with David Battaglia and decided she could be a good fit for the podcast!

Jillian is super easy to talk to which explains why she is admired by her clients. The more I talked with her, the more it was evident that she really cared about helping people through one of the toughest times of their lives. Not only does she care about her clients, she is also big into rescue dogs, and just helping people in general.

I warn you that there are some slow spots of the interview, it is hard to make finance and divorce sound entertaining, but if you listen all the way through, I promise there is a ton of very valuable information to be found.

If nothing else, you will learn where to find the best pizza and garbage plates in Rochester, New York.

If anyone is going through a divorce, or thinking it is time to go down that road, I highly encourage you to give Jillian a call and take advantage of the free 20 minute consultation that she gives to everyone and see what she can do for you.



 to find out more about Jillian:





Phone: 585-236-2484

Let her know that Colin sent you!

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