DJ Undoo


DJ Undoo was such an exciting guest to get on the podcast. He appeared on my radar thanks to Kent Archie. They collaborated when Kent was in Romania and when Kent mentioned him in the interview, I looked up DJ Undoo and loved what I found.

With that said, I did not fly to Romania for the interview. I did however get it recorded outside of a Starbucks in the middle of nowhere ( either Pennsylvania or New York) on what I called “Colin’s Podcast Marathon”. It was a day where I went from Cleveland to Up State New York and recorded 3 interviews.

The first interview of the day was with international DJ, DJ Undoo. At first he was very nervous, understandably so. I had the honor of being the first English spoken interview with the international DJ!

Spoiler Alert: He spoke better English than I did.

He was such a humble guy the entire conversation. He was also the most famous person I had talked to at that point of the show, so I was probably as nervous as he was.

We became comfortable quickly and talked about music, recording equipment, life in Romania, American influence, and more.


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