If you love Skuff Micksun, you are already halfway there to loving DirtyBackPack.

DirtyBackPack, all one word, is a rap duo based in Cleveland, Ohio comprised of Skuff Micksun and “Plain Dealer” aka “Average John” aka a lot of other names. They are the epitome of what the brother in law relationship should be.

In this episode, we learn the origin of the name DirtyBackPack, learn how they make their music, and even a bit about the Cleveland Music scene!

I had the opportunity to go to their studio to record the interview. It is always a little better of an interview when you can go to where they make their stuff. I think when the guest is in their ” safe place” you can get them to open up a bit more.

If that doesn’t work, have Bear Trap throw “Dirty” Onesies and Beers at the guests while filming! That is right, this interview has not only a flying onsie, but two flying beers!

Casey and John are such a good group, they even finish each others sentences!

All in all, it was a great episode I think.

More About The Band

DirtyBackPack recently released their second EP entitled Dawning. I love it, my wife loves it, you should too. My only complaint with the project is that it isn’t long enough. Just like their first project, Dawning features quite a few SirPhaded Beats, some great local features, and is well put together.

It features two podcast alumni, Nuke Franklin and Mic Miles.



Watch all of the video footage I got from my interview with DirtyBackPack





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