Adi Rei is the head of Nvasion Records, a music studio and record label based in Maple Heights, OH.

At only 24 years old, Adi Rei has made a name for himself in the local music scene as a music engineer and more recently an up and coming rapper.

I had the chance to meet him at his studio, a three room set up with one room for recording, a room with a mural done by podcast alumni Skuff Micksun that operates as a lounge, and a third room that had a black backdrop and two photography lights set up for the interview.

I have had podcast guests come prepared before, but Adi was the first to have his own lighting and backdrop; which was a big help to the interview!

We talked for about an hour about his influences, inspirations, he filled me in on how life as a rapper and music engineer is, and more.

I highly recommend you check out the podcast interview and all of the clips that I made from my meeting, but also be sure to check out his two CDs:

Blue Moon

Blue Moon 2


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