Podcasting Services

From my time on Colin's Conversations, I have fallen in love with the art of podcasting. Let me take all that I have learned and save you from having to go through the ups and downs. With Colin Can Help Podcasting, you focus on making content, I handle the rest.


PodcastStart Up

If only I could know all that I know now about podcasting when I first started! Luckily, you can! I can advise you on equipment, marketing, help get guests, and more! I have been a full time podcaster for about a year now and would love to help you get your show to reach its maximum potential!


I have spent countless hours working in audio and video programs to make promo clips and full length episodes for my podcast. You can benefit from all the hours learning iMovie, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Canva, and more! If you give me your footage to edit, I can enhance it and transform it into every medium that people get information!



I used to rely only on word of mouth for finding podcast guests. Then I got smart! I learned how to target the demographics that were already seeing my content and got efficient at running ads towards them. I can help you through my podcast network and paid