Not only are most people selling music wrong, but most also aren’t even selling music at all! I have had the opportunity to talk to dozens of artists and other music industry people through my podcast, Colin’s Conversations. When I started talking to them, I thought I would learn a lot about how to sell music and make money as an artist. I also hoped to take that message back to others I knew and use it to help grow their careers as well. One thing I learned, almost every artist is selling their music all wrong!


Rappers especially, I am talking to you. Many complain that they can not make money off of music or that the music industry is rigged against them. This could be true, but the same artists often don’t even have their own platform to make money from.

Far too many think that all they need is a free Instagram and Twitter account and they can blow up to be famous and successful. That same majority also look to follower counts and Spotify/ iTunes streaming numbers to solidify reputations.

Why are you advertising for companies who pay the artists fractions of a penny per stream of the music it often took months or longer to produce?

I propose that we encourage artists to change their mentality. I want people to get away from the mentality that they need a label to take their rights to their work to promote, get away from streaming sites that don’t pay you to promote them nor pay fair for usage and get their own platforms.

Every musician should have a website that showcases all of their music, photos, writings about their story, etc. It should be an online place that fans, radio DJs, booking agents, and anyone looking to work with you can find anything they want to know about you.

Websites are very affordable, leaving little to no reason not to have one.

Once your site is set up, you can direct people there to buy and stream music and videos instead of the big-name outlets. You can collect the royalties of your work right away at the same time as appearing far more professional to potential collaborations.

If you don’t have a site of your own yet, let’s talk about your career goals and how Colin Can Help.

When it comes to having a site to sell your music, you have two real options.

If you are looking for just something basic to get the job done, Bandzoogle is the way to go. They offer a variety of simple templates geared towards musicians.

They make things easy to set up for domain names and you can have a site live to the public in half an hour. If you have a Paypal account, Bandzoogle makes selling your music incredibly easy. The only downside to their service is the basic functionality of their templates.

I personally prefer to build sites with WordPress. There are a ton of premium themes geared towards the music business that can get you the same selling functionality of Bandzoogle with more features.

No matter the option that you go with, it is important to spend either time learning how to make a site yourself or getting someone to do it for you.

The sooner you get your site built, the sooner you can start selling from your own platform.