Simply put, when you hear someone talking about building their personal brand they are talking about their reputation. Just like your social reputation, your ability to convert your digital audience into customers is to build a strong personal brand.

Why do I need a personal brand?

Social media and the internet, in general, have made it easier than ever before to publish and promote your products and services. The bad news, you are not the only one it is easy for, more content is uploaded to the internet per minute than you’ll ever be able to consume.

To stand out from the crowd, you have to give the audience real value as well as be your true self at all times. Building a brand, or a reputation for someone who is original, honest, and genuine will make people want to support and promote your efforts.

How do you build a personal brand?

You will build a dependable brand by working at your craft and communication skills every day. Too many people offer the “masterclass”, webinar of your dreams, or other shortcuts claiming how you can get rich quick or overnight famous. That doesn’t really happen. Just like anything else, those who work hard and stick with it often succeed.

The exact methods for building your personal brand vary depending on your end goals but there are a few things that I wish I knew earlier and will help you right away.

Narrow Focus:

When I first created, I had sections for recipes, current events, music, reviewing all sorts of things, and about 20 other categories of blogs I set out to write. I figured, why focus on one topic, write and advocate for all the things that I was interested in. If I throw a big net, I am more likely to catch more fish, right?
I did this even after reading and watching hundreds of pieces of content preaching the importance of finding a niche and owning it. I guess I wanted to prove them wrong but I am telling you now, I wasted a year trying to do it all and once I finally narrowed my focus my reach increased significantly.
That does not mean that you can’t follow all of your passions but you should consider making them separate from your personal brand.
Become THEE Expert in your field:


Reverse Engineer:

Find people who are doing well in the niche or mediums that you are looking to build your brand around and take note of what they do. How do they promote themselves, how do they get their audience into a sales funnel, etc.
You SHOULD NOT copy, only take note and inspiration. With any business venture, marketing campaign, or branding I think too many people overlook to get ideas to build off of from those already doing it.


Do Good and Dollars will Come: