Good news: It is possible to know nothing and still become a successful full time blogger.

Bad News: You are probably just looking to be a blogger for the money because you heard it was an easy way to get paid and famous.

I am always amazed at the amount of people I see in Facebook groups. that want to do things but don’t know where to start. To me, this means that they see someone living a glamorous life or hear about the joys of being an affiliate marketer or Instagram Influencer and think they can just go copy and do it too. That can make sense, I see people blogging making money, I should be a blogger too.

But let’s think about the question as stated…

You want to be a Full Time Blogger but Don’t Know Where To Start.

Odds are if you don’t know where to start, you don’t consume many blogs yourself. Also I would be willing to bet that if you do not know where to start you are lacking a formal or self taught computer / internet education. That does not mean that you are screwed and have no luck in succeeding, but it does put you pretty far behind the pack.

Blogging is a great way to make a living, but those who think it takes little to no time you are fooling yourself. You need to invest at least a little bit of money and a whole lot of time if you are going to reach people and deliver any sort of message.

So If I haven’t scared you away yet, let’s go into what all is needed to be a successful blogger….


Money is going to be a big determination to the time and amount of success you will achieve as a blogger. I personally do not pay for any advertisements to get me more traffic. That doesn’t mean that I am opposed to it, it is a great model for many businesses, just not time for it in mine yet. But that does not mean that I do not spend money on my blogging endeavors.

You can totally start a free website with I am advertising for them for free right there, but only so I can come and tell you this in the next sentence.



Every FREE Wix site is slowed down so that the company can promote its services often on the header, footer, and icon image of the page. That means that people are going to see 2-3 advertisements for a company that is not yours before they even see your content. They also are often cookie cutter pages, meaning they look just like someone else who didn’t want to pay for their site. So you will get ads that are not paying you, not for you, and a slower site, all because you didn’t pay to host it yourself.

I recommend Godaddy, though there are other reputable places out there to start your blogging journey. They are not the best nor the cheapest. But they are super customer service based, they are huge so they are not going to disappear anywhere soon, and I experience NO downtime on my site ( only when I crash it myself).

You need to use them or someone like them to buy two things:

A Domain Name and Hosting.

A domain name is the name of your site ( in this case) and hosting is the storage that I pay for for my databases to live on Godaddy’s servers. This allows you to better brand your site instead of

It looks  better to the user, it is easier to find by search engines and humans, it is the way to go.

Once you get your name and your storage you are either ready to build it yourself or hire someone.

I recommend strongly that you either hire someone or at bare minimum find a Premium WordPress theme to set yourself apart from the competition. WordPress offers thousands of free themes, but again, INVEST IN YOUR OWN SUCCESS. Why use some free stuff that everyone else could also be using. Narrow the chances of looking like your competitor by getting a premium theme and either learning to customize it yourself or hiring someone.

Now for the hard part.

So you have a name, some storage, and a site that looks pretty cool. Now what? Now you need content, not just any content, that GOOD content.

This is where stuff gets tricky for people. They need to create high quality, the same quality content that you see on the sites that you read regularly. Not only are you going to need good content, but you need to keep coming with the good stuff regularly, at least weekly.

So then most people think, I got the site, I got the content, I built it, they will come.


Now you have to join groups, talk to people, let them know you make content and where to find it. Not even then are you done though, because as poor as it sounds, not even your mom is going to go check out everything you post.

You read that right, NOT EVEN MOM.

I talk to people all the time about marketing and often I hear:

I can’t even get my friends and family from my personal page to like my business page!

This is common. Maybe people don’t care or just don’t know the importance of helping out those trying to start new things.

So you will have to find the marketing mix that works for you, your genre, and your content.

This will take time! So many people start a blog and quit 100 days in when they haven’t amassed a following the size of the New York Times yet.

Some people call that sad, I call it hope.

Hope? How is people giving up called hope?

It is hope for me, for you, and anyone else trying to make a living off a blog. I call it hope because that to me means that another person who was just in it for instant fame and wealth is out of the game and I am still here.


It is not a short journey, not something you do for the fame or fortune. You will succeed if you love the craft.

I personally love to sit down at my computer, read content, digest it, and see how I can reshape what I learned to help other people reach access to the info that they feel can help them.

That is why I do it.  I will make next to nothing off this article. I know that the likelihood of it going viral is slim to none. I also however know that if I post this in a comments section and it gets one person off their ass long enough to get a credit card and buy their hosting packages and start something new, that I have created change in the world and a possible better life for someone.

That is why I do this.
To help support the cause, feel free to check out any of the ads on this page or better yet, leave a comment and then share this page to a friend or group!
Thank you as always for your time!


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