Instagram can certainly become a large time commitment that most people I talk to say that they just don’t have the time for. Too many see it as time spent just posting on the internet and not like the digital prospecting tool it should be. If you know you need Instagram but don’t have the time, I present the Instagram Power Hour. The best way to grow your Instagram page in an hour a day. These methods will lead to more followers and allow you to grow your Instagram business page.

Instagram Power Hour Break Down

Instagram Power Hour


We are going to break down an hour into four, 15-minute categories. You are going to explore relevant hashtags, manage your following, engage with posts, and start a CRM for your Instagram.

# Exploring

Did you know that you can follow hashtags as well as profiles? Learning to find, follow, and emerge yourself into relevant hashtags for your business can be a game-changer. When you are looking for hashtags, think of keywords/ descriptive words that describe your business and your customers. For example, The Stone Oven, a bakery & cafe in Woodmere, Ohio could look for and follow hashtags like #cleveland #inthe216 #clevelandeats to find people who are in the area of their bakery. If you have a hashtag for your business, like my #colincanhelp it can allow you to see what customers are saying about you by finding posts that use that tag and compiling them all together.
I recommend you draft a list of every descriptive word for your business, its location, its customers, etc, and use your 15 minutes a day to find the tags related to your list and start engaging with the content using those tags. Also, be sure to check out my guide to using hashtags on your posts.

Start Conversations

When you hear the word engage, it means to interact with a post. This can be liking a post, leaving a comment, tagging someone, sharing a post, following a page, or sending a DM. Social media was not designed for you to publish a post and log out. You are supposed to be SOCIAL!
By following hashtags related to your business you find people who are interested in the solutions and products you provide. You don’t want to focus on “selling”, but leave your expertise as a comment, create connections, and stay up on trends.
It is also important to remember to be a human. Nobody likes a stiff, corporate response online. Feel free to let your staff that is managing your social media to show their personalities.

Manage Your Following

It is important to keep an eye on who is following closely, who isn’t engaging with your content, and do your homework on potential prospects. Instagram makes it easy to see those who interact least with your content and this is a list I like to be familiar with.

I am genuinely interested in finding out if they think the content isn’t good or if it just doesn’t come up in their feeds. I like to regularly go through my Least Interacted With list and either leave comments on their posts or send them a message to start a conversation. If after a few attempts to get them to engage with on response, I will typically unfollow them.

Update Your IG CRM

Just like with all prospecting, it is important to keep track of the people you are following and connecting with. Presumably, your company already has a CRM that you can find ways to integrate your Instagram content with.
For my CRM needs, I make custom bases in an online platform called Airtable.