It is the world of everyone wants to be an influencer, content creator, or some sort of online celebrity. This dream has been fulfilled by many but has also caused negative effects on many people too. I am sure you’ve heard of the people who get bullied online and it hurts their self-esteem to where they quit creating or sometimes even worse outcomes. I think the solution is simple, follow your passion, and create what comes naturally,  not what you think will get a lot of likes.

If you only create things for attention/likes, you are set up to fail from the very start. You can’t please everyone, nor should that be your intent when creating art, a social media post, or anything else. Joe Rogan said it best, at least 1% of your followers are assholes. If you have 100 followers, there will be at least one person in that group that is unhappy that gets their amusement at talking shit online. As your following grows, so does the number of people in that 1% club. YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT THAT!

Don’t focus on negativity, easier said than done for some, I know. Just keep creating for yourself and if an audience develops, great. If it doesn’t, you know you love what you created and it is authentically you.