There is a stigma to follow and unfollow methods, as there should be. This however is slightly different and holds merit. If you daily unfollow 50 people who no longer inspire you or make you want to collaborate or work together while at the same time selecting 50 or more people to newly follow that you think there could be potential learning from or working with, where is there harm?

I am not advocating that you go and follow 1,000 pages a day and spam people to follow you back. I am however advising everyone daily go through the accounts they follow and remove any accounts that don’t inspire you to do better or that you want to work with.

If you daily go through the list of the 50 least interacted with, you may find a few that you don’t interact with because they don’t post often or other reasons, but use that opportunity to reach out to a profile you haven’t talked with in a while and catch up.

The following part of this strategy is simple. Find the other pages that your target customers are interested in, the products they are looking at, and interact with those profiles. Leave comments, send DMs, follow interesting profiles to look more into later.

Look at Instagram as a waiting room of applicants to help you succeed in your business. Following them is receiving the application, if you interact with them as they appear in your feed, it would embody holding onto their resume, and if they end up on the least interacted list, you’ve found quite a few applicants currently more qualified.

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