Everyone is always talking about making money on Youtube but unfortunately the days where the little guy could get some money out of Youtube are all but gone. Not that you should be doing everything for the money, but being able to monetize a hobby would be nice wouldn’t it? It would also be nice to not have to edit video for hours in hopes that people see it and like your stuff. But I am sure one day Youtube or another video platform will be there. Until that day, let’s talk about podcasting.

What is a podcast?

1.A digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.
The format of the podcast is up to the creator, but technically any digital audio file made to be downloaded or streamed can be called a podcast. They can be as short as a minute or run for a few hours, again all depending on the niche and the creator. Some are very low budget and quickly slapped together while others are put together as though it were a national radio show. A podcast can be educational, comedy, random thoughts, poetry, literally whatever you want to make an audio recording of.

Why start a podcast?

  • You have a story to tell. You want to spread your message.
  • Listeners feel connected to the podcasts they listen to, and to the people on them.
  • It’s really fun – and so rewarding to hear that people love listening to your podcast.
  • Nearly 70 million Americans listen to podcasts every month, and that number is going up.

You’ve probably noticed that making podcasts is becoming more popular, too. It used to be that you needed an expensive microphone, deep technical knowledge, and lots of time. Now that everyone’s got a great microphone in their pocket, it’s possible for anyone to create compelling audio from anywhere.

How to Start your own

I always say that I try to give advice that I have tried myself and this will be another instance of that. When I first started my marketing company, I knew podcasts were something I had to learn and do myself. They are a great way to get your content into the minds of busy people. They don’t have to watch a screen or keep their phones open, simply press play and put in their ear buds.
So, when I wanted to start I turned to my friend Jeremiah Craig. Jeremiah is a talented songwriter, singer, performer, marketer, the guy is basically the modern renaissance  man. I knew he would point me in the right direction when it came to equipment and software and all that I needed to know. I was expecting a long laundry list of things that I would need and instead it was 3 things.
1. You need content / a message. You need to have something to talk about or do. Simple enough right?
2. Your phone. Todays cell phones have amazing audio and visual capabilities. You can and probably should upgrade from just your phone, but it will get you started.
3. Anchor. It is a website / app that is your one stop shop for setting up your Podcast. Within Anchor, you can record your audio, add music to the background, record and be approached by advertisers, add cover art, descriptions, and to top it off they even put your podcast on other major platforms for you!

More About Anchor:

Our mission is to democratize audio. We believe everyone should be able to have their voice heard, regardless of background or experience level. If you’ve ever tried to start a podcast, you know all the logistical barriers that can stand in your way. At Anchor, we aim to remove all of these barriers. Our goal is to make podcasting easy and fun, without sacrificing the quality every podcaster deserves.
Anchor’s Mission Statement


What to do after you get your podcast started…


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