I have downloaded a ton of music and recommended a site called freebeats.io for my podcast, Colin’s Conversations.I didn’t pay much attention to the logo in the corner of the screen on their site until recently and it led me to Hypeddit. I am not a beat maker, so my interaction on this platform is only as a user, but I thought it was something that I should bring some attention to.

What is Hypeddit?


That is their claim on their website, but I think there may be a bit of truth to it. They give you access to what they call download gates. They let you share downloads of your music in trade for fan email addresses, likes, comments, and more things on Soundcloud, Instagram and other sites. In other words, your perspective fan gets a song to use but then you get some of their information and engagement.

To start your download gates you share your url to your song that you want to share, enter the genre of the track, and upload the track for a free download. You can set up multiple “gate steps” to make more interactions with your brand before the user can download your song.

The service also has a Soundcloud to Youtube video Converter that allows you to get your music in other formats very easily.


Hypeddit Wrap Up:

As a user, I love the service and from a brief overview of its features and costs for plans, I think it is something that is worth a try for all people who make beats and music. It is a great way to get fan information while getting your name out there and building your brand.

The gateways give you many ways to gather information and retarget the people for monetized work.

Find out more on their website.

If you have used Hypeddit, I would love to know what you think in the comments!



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