So you’ve decided to start a business but you have no idea how to start marketing a small business. There is no one size fits all approach but there are a few tools and practices that all small businesses need to have. By the end of this article, you will have a direction of how to start marketing your small business.

Get Accounts on Popular Social Media Sites

When you are starting your business it is important to find a unique name that captures what your business does and a name nobody else has captured. It is very important to get the same name across all social media platforms so that it is easy for potential customers to find your various profiles as well as helping build the name in search engines. Before you get too involved customizing your profiles, make sure the same name is available on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

Just as you want the same name, having a uniform look (profile picture, cover photos, all are branded the same). It is important if someone sees your content on one site that they can easily remember the name and image to find your account on their preferred platform.

It is important to make sure at least some of your content is original for the platform that you plan on posting it to. People look for a different production style and message on TikTok than they do on Linkedin. It is important to keep your message true to your business but do it in both the trending styles and proper resolutions to the channel you are posting to.

Finally, don’t forget to get a validated Google account and post updates to it regularly. Doing this helps Google identify your business listing as a real business and you are active on their platform and thus you will be rewarded with better search rankings.

Canva to the Rescue

If you are overwhelmed about making content, Canva is a resource you need, They have millions of stock photos and videos that you have access to with their paid version as well as thousands of free templates designed by professional graphic designers for individual platforms and applications.

If you can drag and drop photos and videos, you will be able to figure out Canva pretty quickly. As their software progresses, there are fewer and fewer reasons that I open up Photoshop for.

You NEED a Website

Don’t let social media get all of your time and attention. While social media is a great way to get the word out to people about what is going on with your small business, it is just one piece of your small business marketing engine. You want to use social media to get people’s attention and use that attention to get them to your website.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the popular websites that we use gathering tons of valuable information about our habits that help them make better ads and convert more customers. You can have that same power with even the simplest website. I always recommend small businesses get a premium WordPress site that can tell a potential customer everything they could ever want to know before coming to your location or shopping with you online.

Once your site is created, it is important to write blogs with keywords that you want to rank for and have related services.

Marketing Materials

The internet has made marketing really effective, but there are still traditional marketing tactics that can be very valuable to you. Depending on your industry the exact products will vary, but I think every small business owner should look into the following marketing materials:

  • Business Cards – A professional business card with QR code to your online sites is great because it gives the person a physical reminder of meeting you and how to contact you.
  • PoplPopl is the new version of a business card. It is a physical device that you stick to your phone and by tapping it to new model smartphones open up a notification on the person’s phone and give them access to a page that has all of your digital links and even options to pay you.
  • Branded Clothing – People pay tons of money to wear brands like Polo or Gucci and become a walking billboard for their company. For this reason, you should have a full wardrobe of clothes with your logo and information on it for yourself and employees.
  • Flyers – Door hanger flyers are terrific for anyone with a home service business, but all industries can benefit from a well-designed physical flyer/brochure/postcard with important information about your business and sales offers.
  • Pens / Magnets – People love these things! Why not print off pens with your information to pass out. It doesn’t have to just be pens and magnets, anything with your branding on it that people can incorporate into their daily lives can be great for marketing your small business.

Now you should know how to start marketing your small business

That is the essential starter kit for how to start marketing a small business. You will have a social media presence, the tools for a digital marketing funnel, and tools to create photos and videos, and should start appearing in more searches for the things you do!

Remember, brands are not made overnight. It is important to consistently create content, respond to customers, and make new connections as often as possible.