The answer to how to do great in an interview is simple….

Practice your interview skills!

You might be thinking, ” It’s hard to book interviews on podcasts, radio, tv, etc.”. That is absolutely true, but it doesn’t mean you can’t practice.

I recently had a conversation with a speech coach on my podcast and when talking about things people could do to become a better communicator, we both agreed on one thing.

Get used to answering questions on camera!

I recommend to clients all the time that the best way to become an effective communicator in an interview is to spend time regularly answering questions on camera. Think about the questions you would ask someone who does similar work to you, questions professional interviewers ask celebrities or ask your fans to submit questions for you to answer.

The more regularly you see yourself answering questions on film, you will be able to correct your posture, expressions, the way you answer drastically.

You don’t get to the NBA without practicing your skills for countless hours, providing a great interview is the same thing. You have to develop the muscles in your brain to respond to questions by keeping your answer entertaining while delivering a message that leads the interviewer and audience to trust you and want to know more.

The other added benefit of doing this on camera practice is that you will develop a ton of footage. As you get better at making an engaging response to questions, you can publish the answers to your website and social media pages for people to learn more about you.

My biggest recommendation after reading this article is for you to schedule time every day to practice your communication skills. In order to have a successful career, you have to make lots of connections. The better you are at getting your message across the quicker your rise to the top will be!


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