Everyone knows that they should be on all of the major social media platforms. What everyone doesn’t know though is how to most effectively post on the different platforms. For the purpose of this article, let’s break down Facebook videos.

As Facebook has evolved it has become less about updating how you are feeling and what you are doing and more about engaging media. Video is undoubtedly the best way to get people’s attention. They have visuals, sound, often have captions, they get to all of your senses right away! This is why you should be making video content for Facebook and other platforms.

What type of video formats can be uploaded to Facebook?

They accept all video files but recommend using a MP4 file with a resolution of 1080p. Facebook also recommends that your video be Stereo AAC audio compressed with 128. kbps or more.

How long of a video can I upload?

Your file can be up to 10GB and the length has to be less than 240 minutes (4 hours).

How to make effective Facebook videos:

Capture attention right away.

There are more videos uploaded to Facebook and other internet sites every day than you could watch in your entire lifetime. For that reason, it is important to catch people’s attention quickly. You can do this with a tease frame, thumbnails, interesting backgrounds, and collaborations to name a few. Get their attention right away so they don’t scroll to the next content.

Design for sound off.

You have probably heard me say that sound quality is more important than video quality, but the king of the video is the captions and other visuals. Not everyone has the sound all the way up for their browsing time. For those that don’t want sound but still want to consume content, layering captions and other text over your video will not only get their attention but might also make them want to turn the sound on to become fully emerged in your video

Three Minutes seems to be the “sweet spot”

As of Spring 2020, 3 minutes seems to be the best time for Facebook. Anything less than 3 minutes doesn’t get picked up as well by their algorithm. Facebook does its best to try to help your video succeed. If you go to upload a video through your Business Page there are two tabs to upload the video, “Create Post” and “Publishing Options”.

On the Create Post Tab, you will have access to their transcription software for captions, change thumbnail, add polls, tags, tracking info, and more.

On the Publishing Options Tab, it has a checklist for the success of your video. It wants to make sure your video is an HD video, you included tags, a description, and that you have at least a 3-minute video. This doesn’t mean that you can’t submit something shorter or leave off other options, but doing so will harm the success of your video. If your video is less than 3 minutes, consider posting it on TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter instead.