You probably know that  it is smart to use hashtags, but also probably have no idea what the best way to use them is. Luckily for you I developed an acronym for how to maximize your hashtag strategy.

It is important to remember that Instagram Hashtags work as a search engine for people to find relevant content. So to help optimize your post for the IG Algorithm, all you have to do is:


If you are right handed, it still works for you too! Act Lefty is an acronym for the best way to describe your content to the search engine…



Describe what actions are taking place in the content as well as make a mention of actions you want the viewer to take. Are you working out(#lifting), interviewing someone(#interview), selfie with the dog(#doglife), whatever it is, describe it in a few hashtags.
If you are at a loss for what to come up with, write down the first few things that come to mind when you look at a picture or watch a video. Then do some research to see what others are hashtagging similar actions with.


Every niche develops a set of hashtags associated with their community. Authors have #authorsofig, Dog lovers have #doglife, the City of Cleveland has #inthe216, etc. Be sure to use the hashtags that that niche is using so that the audience knows you are “one of them”.


Time is important in life and in hashtagging. I am sure you have started many weeks seeing #motivationalmonday and edited it with a #TGIF! It is important to either include yourself into the different themes of the day, the seasons ( #letitsnow ), and even find other ways to be descriptive about time.


You will also be utilizing the tag your location feature, but it isn’t a bad idea to also use some local hashtags in your posts. I like to recommend to use both the venue as well as the city/state the content takes place at.


Are you inside or outdoors? Is it a sunny day, is the grass green? Get as descriptive as you like, but make sure everything about the environment and subject in the content is mentioned in your hashtags.


#chill #pissedoff #stressed #happy #winning, etc
Find relatable feeling hashtags and include them in your post.


I think it is important (maybe because I am a content creator) to always give a mention to those who helped you make the content. You may be thinking, I thought we were talking about hashtags, not mentions…
If the people involved in your content regularly use (#colincanhelp) a recurring hashtag in their own work, include it in the collab content. Doing this allows their fans to easily find your content if they are following or searching for other hashtags.


I mentioned one above, but I use different hashtags for all of my pages as well as client pages. If you see a post on the Colin’s Conversations page, it will almost always have #colinsconversations attached to it. Same with Colin Can Help (#colincanhelp)
Doing this allows you to develop your own hashtag, your own searchable portal for your work.


There you have it, when in doubt, remember to Act Lefty!

If you don’t think you can handle your social media needs, I am always happy to help!

Contact me today to set up plans to work together in reaching your goals!


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